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Out, out, out. It’s time to get all things menopause out. In the open. From the deep, dark stressors of your mind to the conversationally therapeutic light of day. Symptoms, issues, questions. All fair game. forevHer brings together the menopause community so we can engage with the menopause sisterhood and experts. A problem shared is a problem halved. Imagine how small we can make menopause if we all share all of it. Let’s “demystify menopause” together. Action, not words. Start your sharing here.

We're with you, now and forevHer

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Healthcare provider (44.74%)
Partner (10.53%)
Friend/family members (26.32%)
Online forums (18.42%)
Menopause Community Questions
Just got my period yesterday. I thought I was done as the last one was in June last year. I was really surprised as I am 57 1/2 years old. It’s amazing to think this can still happen at my age and it is just as heavy as before. Is this normal? -Kelly
Hi Kelly! It could be a period, meaning your ovary ovulated and produced the necessary hormones to allow your uterine lining to grow and then shed. It could also mean you have developed uterine polyps or an abnormal thickening to your uterine lining... READ MORE